TEEPLES | Rx for Brown Skin
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Rx for Brown Skin

About This Project

Rx for Brown Skin is a skin care line clinically formulated for multi-cultural skin types. Hired as a marketing and design consultant for Rx for Brown Skin, we assisted in rebranding the company on and offline. Jill Teeples Design redesigned the brand’s e-commerce website, shopping portal and landing pages for the brand’s existing skin care line. Supporting the rebrand, we updated and created original content from social media to consumer facing print collateral. Traditionally a direct-to-consumer product, the opportunity to take the product to the retail space Rx for Brown Skin came late in 2013 and they reformulated their hero products. Jill Teeples Design was further consulted to redesign the newly formulated product packaging. 2014 marks the launch of the reformulated skin care products and package design into Target stores across the US.   



Rx for Brown Skin


Website Design, Package Design, Print Collateral, Social Media & Email Communications